Falling back into healthy eating

I have spent the summer enjoying myself. I have been a good little soldier and tracked every morsel that passed my lips. However, those morsels tended to be a bit more savory and more sweet than what I should be eating. Due to that, my weight loss has plateaued since about June. Luckily, I have not put weight back on, so I do know that my eating is healthier than it was before I started my little journey, but it hasn’t been what it should be.

To help motivate myself to stick to the exchange plan that my doctor set up for me, I joined a group called TOPS, or Taking Off Pounds Sensibly. I had been a member of another TOPS group when I lived in Pittsburgh, and it was very helpful for me to have the accountability of turning in my tracking sheets every week. At my current group, they also review your sheets, so I will want to make sure that I’m eating as clean as possible!

Here is my meal plan for the week:
Sunday – Chicken & White Bean Chili
Monday – Leftover Chili
Tuesday – I’m going to a health expo with my mom and we will be going to a salad bar afterward
Wednesday – Tilapia with rice and a salad
Thursday – Curried Lentils & rice
Friday – Steak & sweet potatoes
Saturday – Loaded baked sweet potatoes


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